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What's New ?

5 August 2006
A new version of FalcAmp has been released. In fact it is a beta made in 2005, but due to a lack of feedback from testers, it's released as is...

22 October 2005
The hidden screen of the Fantasia demo has been released as a standalone prog since many people still have trouble to access it.

unknown date
Dma-Sc has opened his own music page, check it out!

1 July 2004
Late release of the HD version of Fantasia demo! This one was made during Outline party.

12 May 2004
New gfx.

24 December 2003
Dune and Sector One finally release the (real) Fantasia demo!!! Merry Christmas everybody!

17 December 2003
The (real) Fantasia demo will be available here in the evening of December 24 !

14 December 2003
Updated the harddisk version of Oddstuff demo to fix a CT60 issue.

10 December 2003
Added an harddisk version of Oddstuff demo.

10 November 2002
New gfxs.
Added a link to FlaySID in the softwares page (finally ;).

14 July 2002
New gfx (from Alive! #5).

31 August 2001
FUN & Sector One Meeting Intro released.

12 August 2001
Voting package for FalcAMP compo is online.
And FalcAMP 1.09 is released too :-)

10 July 2001
Mini compo started on FalcAMP site.

26 June 2001
FalcAMP v1.08 is available.

5 May 2001
Members page updated.
Now you can have a look at Zerkman face !!! :)

28 April 2001
Odd Stuff page updated.
MSA software + splited archive added for easier transfer.

21 April 2001
Odd Stuff page added.
You can get a cover for your disk there ! :)

20 April 2001
New gfxs (from Odd Stuff).
New Sidsound songs (from Odd Stuff,
STNICC 2000 Compo & YM-Rockerz Compil).

16 April 2001
We've released our demo called Odd Stuff
at the Error In Line 2 coding party in Dresden.

30 December 2000
FalcAMP v1.07b is available.

15-17 December 2000
Sector One was present at the STNICCC 2000 party (Netherlands).

11 September 2000
FalcAMP 1.06 is out.

31 July 2000
Sector One was present at the RTS 2k party near Grenoble (France).

9 July 2000
Added link to CD Lab homepage.
Porting of LAME for TOS available.

22 April 2000
FalcAMP 1.01 is out !

10 April 2000
New gfxs.

2 April 2000
Zerkman has joined Sector One

29 March 2000
New Sidsound songs.

28 March 2000
New gfx.
External link for FalcAMP and Contenu CD-Rom.

9 January 2000
New Sector One Web Site !
Enjoy the design !
Also new Sidsound songs and new gfxs.

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